5th Edition of Film Africa: 60 titles. 26 African countries. X UK, European and World Premieres

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For our fifth edition, we presented over 60 films from 26 different African countries, representing the scope and depth of talent to be found across the continent and diaspora. The programme included several London, UK, European and World Premieres and we believe that there was something for all tastes and moods. Stories of love, modern Africa and of diaspora communities; fun and inspiring female-centric films; bold and daring experimental narratives; and socio-political commentaries on LGBTQ rights, civil war and the human stories behind the migrant crisis that is gripping the headlines. 

In 2015 we presented two significant strands: Lusophone Liberty: 40 Years On, celebrating 40 years of independence for Africa’s Portuguese-speaking nations, and From Africa, With Love, presented by the five UK African Film Festivals – Film Africa, Africa in Motion, Afrika Eye, Watch Africa and the Cambridge Africa Film Festival, part of the BFI Love Blockbuster Season. There was a focus on new Ethiopian cinema and a celebration of sounds of the continent with our music strand.

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