Film Africa 2016 Hackney Schools Programme

Film Africa 2016 Hackney Schools Programme



Dir. Simon Rouby
France. 2015. 85 mins. Animation. French with English subtitles.

Tues 11 Oct | 10:30 | Hackney Picturehouse




12-year-old Adama lives in a remote West African village. Beyond the cliffs lies the World of Winds, where the Nassaras reign. One night his older brother, Samba, disappears. Defying the village elders, Adama decides to set off in search of him. With the steadfast determination of a child coming of age, he embarks on a quest that takes him over the seas, to the North, to the frontline of the First World War.

Suitability: Primary Year 5 & 6, Secondary Years 7-11

Subjects: History, Geography, Citizenship, French, English

Price: £3.50 per student. Free for staff.


kirikouhommesetfemme_04-2KIRIKOU AND THE MEN AND WOMEN

Dir. Michel Ocelot
France. 1998. 72 mins. Animation. French with English subtitles.
Wed 12 Oct | 10:30 | Hackney Picturehouse



In a village somewhere in Africa, a boy named Kirikou is born, already able to speak and walk and knowing fully what he wants. This lm tells the adventures of Kirikou, as this inventive and resourceful child helps his fellow villagers overcome a number of dif culties. Kirikou’s kindness and energy win out every time. The visual style of the lm is beautiful and the story’s focus on

the relationship between a child and his community makes for essential viewing.

Suitability: Primary Years 1-4

Subjects: Art, History, Geography, Citizenship, Literacy

Price: £3.50 per student. Free for staff.

FELIX_Dir. Roberta DurrantFELIX

Dir. Roberta Durrant
South Africa. 2013. 97 mins. English, Xhosa with English subtitles.

Tues 13 Oct | 10:30 | Hackney Picturehouse




13-year-old Felix Xaba dreams of becoming a saxophonist like his late father, but his mother Lindiwe thinks jazz is the Devil’s music. When Felix leaves his township friends to take up a scholarship at an elitist private school, he de es his mother and turns to two aging members of his father’s old band, the Bozza Boys, to help him prepare for the school jazz concert. His dream is to become ‘king of the sax’ like his late father. In partnership with Into Film Festival.

Suitability: Primary Years 5 & 6, Secondary Years7,8&9

Subjects: Music, Geography, Citizenship

Price: £3.50 per student. Free for staff.