The Man from Oran  (El Wahrani/L’Oranais) | Closing Gala | UK PREMIERE

The Man from Oran (El Wahrani/L’Oranais) | Closing Gala | UK PREMIERE

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Director: Lyès Salem Country: France/Algeria Year: 2014 Running time: 128 mins Language: French/Arabic with English subtitles Colour

It’s 1962. Basking in the euphoric glory of the Algerian Revolution two friends, Hamid and Jaffar, face a bright and promising future. Both members of the National Liberation Army, the men are soon rewarded for their bravery, landing positions of power amid the political shake up. With newfound independence comes choice and, over the next 30 years, as each man finds his place within Algeria’s new era, their actions and motives will test this friendship to its very core. Six years after the critically-acclaimed Masquerade, director Lyès Salem, who also stars as Jaffar, has helmed an epic exposé of Algeria’s turbulent political history and fight against colonialism. Yet the film’s revelation is in fact more universal – in the ongoing tug-of-war between integrity and corruption and empathy and selfish desires, it’s clear that the actions of the few can change the course and history of a nation.

Followed by a Q&A with director Lyès Salem. In partnership with the French Film Festival.