Inspiring the Power of the African Narrative

Our Lead Supporter the African Union Foundation shares a reflection on the importance of sharing African narratives.

Storytelling is an integral part of African culture. Oral history was a means by which traditions and cultural heritage was transmitted and shared from one generation to another. It is not surprising therefore, that while time and technology have colluded to change the means of communication, the art of communication itself remains essential to the formulation and establishment of the African identity. The vision of the African Union speaks to “an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens, representing a dynamic force in the global arena.” To realise this vision, we have to find new ways to consistently pass on this message from one generation to the next for it to become a common goal. The diversity which makes us the people of Africa, is the diversity reflected in Film, which in turn is inspired by individual experiences, illustrates the richness of the African experience as told by Africans. It is the hope of the African Union Foundation that Film Africa will continue to inspire and provoke the power of the African narrative to shape the worlds view of Africa. It is for this reason that the African Union Foundation is proud to have been associated with Film Africa 2015.


Andre Pienaar from the African Union Foundation at the Film Africa Opening Gala

2015 is also a proud year for the African Union Foundation having introduced the inaugural African Union Foundation Award for best feature length film at Film Africa. We hope that this Award will inspire the work of African actors; film directors; scriptwriters and producers in their work of communicating the African reality and challenging perceptions of that reality. Furthermore, our hope is that the Award will contribute to the production of local content that reflects a strong cultural identity, common heritage, shared values and ethics that are synonymous with the Africa We Want – as envisioned in Agenda 2063- an integrated continent, politically united, based on the ideals of Pan Africanism and the vision of African Renaissance.

We thank everyone that voted for the films nominated in this category, ensuring that the spirit of the Award was reflected through the process, and congratulate the winner Stories of Our Lives by Jim Chuchu.