Screening with coming-of-age drama Fevers, Film Africa is excited to be hosting the WORLD PREMIERE of THE GREAT SAFAE. This experimental short already as a small following that will surely go. A true believer is Caitlin Lupton who had this to say about it:

If there is one film you go and see at Film Africa; make it this one. The Great Safae is one of the most intriguing and gripping short documentaries I’ve ever seen.

The layering of sounds in the opening immediately draws you in and gives the impression of a chaotic family, full of strong domineering women. They speak in unfinished sentences and already as a viewer you are hooked trying to understand the reality of what they are describing. The documentary makes us, like the characters incredibly curious about the subject of the film, and to understand more about if there is a reason he is a transvestite and how he was able to keep it so well hidden.

The film hints at the injustice that people have to hide themselves if they are not conventional, a theme that is timeless and speaks to all members of audiences that have ever felt like outsiders. The clear adoration this family had for him as an employee however just shows how frustrating it is that peoples differences still make it hard for them to live a conventional uninterrupted life.

The Great Safae begins to ask all these big questions and starts to peel away layers of issues but doesn’t quite explain everything and leaves you desperate for more. The urban lighting and focus on very few characters in the frame at the time makes you fall still and silent waiting for events to unfold. It is a breathtaking short and will hopefully one day be extended into a feature length. The filmmakers and the real life character deserve it.

Need we say more? Get your tickets to The Great Safae screening with the rivetting FEVERS: