Film Africa 2014 & dispute at Brixton Ritzy

Film Africa 2014 & dispute at Brixton Ritzy

Here at Film Africa, we’ve had some queries regarding the current industrial dispute at Brixton Ritzy.

We understand this is an emotive issue and that there have recently been calls  for a boycott.  We are also aware that industrial action may be held at the end of November.

Film Africa cannot advise individuals or organisations on choosing to attend or not attend screenings at the Ritzy.

As a budding festival that offers a platform for new African films, many of which would otherwise have no release or distribution, we depend on the support of Londoners attending our screenings to continue to make this festival possible. We hope this dispute will be resolved amicably between staff and management.

In the meantime, we’d like to extend our gratitude to all the staff at the Ritzy for their continued support and hard work in helping to deliver Film Africa.

Thank you for your continued interest in Film Africa. We really hope to see you over the ten days of the festival, 31st October – 9th November.

Film Africa