BLOG: Family Day fun and great Q&As

Our second day was a big one. As well as our Film Africa Family Day at Rich Mix we screened up to nine films #, four of which were followed by Q&As with the directors.

Family Day proved to be family fun with the venue packed with children, accompanied by their parents perusing Open the Gate’s ‘African Market Corner’, enjoying stories with Story Boat, and making music on drums.

Again the Q&A sessions revealed more interesting stories from the directors behind their films. Bazi Gete of Red Leaves revealed that his motivation for making the film was to tell his own story as someone that migrated from Ethiopia to Israel as a kid and that the title is inspired from a book. Kivu Ruhorahoza, director of Things of the Aimless Wanderer was challenged on many aspects of his film, such as why the only female character was silent throughout – to which he answered was to portray her complexity – and on the extremity of his characters, which he explained is a reflection of how they are in real life.

It was another great day and we look forward to the rest!