In celebration of International Women’s Day 2017, we honour Priscilla Anany, director of Children of the Mountain which won the 2016 Film Africa Audience Award for Best Feature Film.  Priscilla is an advocate of women’s empowerment and likes to tell stories about women and their strengths. Born in Ghana before migrating to the US, she studied Fine Arts at the University of NC School of Arts, School of Filmmaking and obtained her Master’s degree in Communications from New York University.


In case you missed her film at the festival last year…

Children of the Mountain
Dir. Priscilla Anany
Ghana, USA. 2016. 101 mins. Akan, Ewe with English subtitles. N/C 15+

When her baby is born with disabilities, Essuman is told that she has a ‘dirty womb’. Her partner swiftly leaves, shattering her plans for family life and a good place in rural Ghanaian society. Community superstition grows, with whispers of the child’s deformities being the work of the devil. When Essuman can’t find a cure, her desperation mounts, testing her motherly love. Beautifully shot with a stunning central performance from Rukiyat Masud, Priscilla Anany’s debut is a powerful yet subtle story of female empowerment.