5 topical panel discussions you need to hear at Film Africa

5 topical panel discussions you need to hear at Film Africa

As well as post-screening Q&As with up to 15 directors visiting Film Africa this year, we will also hold four unique panel discussions that delve deeper into the wider themes their films address. These films not only provoke debate but they also make bold commentary on the current affairs that concern Africans and the diaspora.

Beats of the Antonov: Sudanese identities

1. Wrestling

Through this discussion we hope to create a space for Sudanese and non-Sudanese attendees to explore the impacts of the conflict in the Blue Nile, but moreover to share and celebrate the various cultures and identities that contribute to the dynamism in Sudan today and in the diaspora.


Yasir Liki – a member of Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad (NMSA)
Asya Satti – Swedish born singer and songwriter
Asil Sidahmed – writer, researcher and anthropologist based in Beirut

Democrats: Democracy


Our panel of experts explore Paul Manganwa and Douglas Mwonzora’s battle in the context of Zimbabwe’s modern history, shedding light on where the country’s political and economic crisis sits in the trajectory of democracy in the continent.


Sophie Masipa – Director of Communications at the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, established with to put good governance at the centre of any conversation on African development
Alex Magaisa – Zimbabwean lawyer & academic based at the University of Kent, who was a technical adviser to the committee that wrote the constitution and participated in the drafting process (he also features in the documentary)
Professor Nic Cheeseman – from Oxford University whose research focuses on democracy in African contexts


Stories of Our Lives: LGBT

Stories of Our Lives_Still Image

Internationally renowned activist Bisi Alimi will lead a panel on LGBTI rights that explores queer experience in African contexts as well as those faced by communities in the diaspora, and the visibility of these voices within LGBTI cinema.


Bisi Alimi (Chair) – Internationally renowned gay rights activist who gained international attention when he became the first Nigerian to come out of the closet on television.
Joy Ghararo-Akpojotor: theatre writer & producer known for her play ‘Sunday’
CambellX – filmmaker behind BlackmanVision productions and director of the award-winning ‘Stud Life’
Moud Goba – Zimbabwean refugee living in the UK who has spent 15 years championing LGBT rights


Hope: Migration

Hope_Still image

Activists and commentators will explore the complexities of modern day migration which has seen an increasing number of people leaving conflict, human rights abuses and economic instability, to seek refuge or better lives in Europe.


Richard Dowden – current director of the Royal African Society and former Africa editor of The Economist
Feruz Werede – Eritrean human rights activist focussing on the root causes of migration
Dipti Pardeshi – Chief of mission for the International Office of Migration, UK



Mercy Mercy: The ethics of making documentaries


Discussion looking at the ethics and morality of documentary filmmaking when recording true stories, in this case the realities of modern-day adoption. Screening in partnership with the Centre of African Studies.


Dr. Sebastiana Etzo – Regional Programme Officer, West Africa, for Marie Stopes International
Michael Makonnen – award winning journalist and producer of several documentaries about culture in Africa.
Michael Thomas – SOAS researcher exploring the themes and trends in Ethiopian cinema for his PhD
Kim Longinotto – documentary filmmaker about the plight of female victims of oppression or discrimination

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