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An alien-obsessed astronaut is recruited for a mission in an uncharted sector of space. He soon discovers his sense of time distorting, creating years-long time differences with mission control on earth as his team is stalked by a mysterious aircraft. Black Ultraviolent is a playful, inventive amalgamation of disparate ideas woven by director Simba Mahachi. The visual language, sense of curiosity and real world emotion demonstrated suggests Mahachi as a talent to watch

The Baobab Award for Best Short Film exists to recognise and support African filmmaking and to enhance the visibility of emerging new voices. The Award consists of a £1,000 cash prize awarded by a jury of filmmakers and industry professionals.

Baobab Award Fiction Shorts
calendar 5th Nov 2022
location RICH MIX


Language(s): English with English subtitles

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Baobab Award Nominees 2022 Baobab Award South Africa

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