HERE / NOT HERE – Online Watch Party + Live Cast & Crew Panel (BSL)

HERE / NOT HERE – Online Watch Party + Live Cast & Crew Panel (BSL)

Saturday 31 October | 17:00 | BSL Zone + Facebook

Dir. Bim Ajadi

UK. 2020. 29 mins.

English, British Sign Language with English subtitles. 

This year Film Africa partners with the UK’s leading Deaf Film & Arts festival, Deaffest, to present HERE / NOT HERE, an event around Director Bim Ajadi’s latest work, which brings the visual vernacular art form into the mainstream.

HERE / NOT HERE is a hip hop music drama combining elements of hip hop dance, football, sign language and Visual Vernacular (VV) – a choreographic and poetic form of sign. Three rival groups – Deaf VVers, footballers and Krumpers – clash over who should use an abandoned warehouse space. Despite their differences, they find and inspire a common language through movement to communicate, collaborate and come together. The film is urban, funny and thought-provoking.  

HERE / NOT HERE was commissioned by the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust. Live events and panels are supported by Unlimited.

In partnership with Deaffest

The Here / Not Here online watch party and BSL interpreted live panel discussion with cast and crew took place on Saturday 31 October

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Bim Ajadi headshot
Bim Ajadi

Bim Ajadi is an award-winning film-maker from London. He co- directed LOOK UP for the opening of the 2012 London Paralympics Ceremony (Channel 4), has directed and edited award-winning music videos, DOT a docu-drama for FILM4, as well as PUNK CHEF. Bim is profoundly deaf, which gives him a unique visual perspective. Bim has a number of drama and documentary projects in development.