FISH ON FIRE (European Premiere)

FISH ON FIRE (European Premiere)

Saturday 31 October  | 14:30 | BFI Southbank, NFT2

Dir. Peter Okojie. Nigeria. 2018. 5 mins.  

The Liberian civil war may have stopped Sarah’s education but it couldn’t stop her resilience and desire for self-improvement. 

Part of the Story for the Gods Shorts programme
From an exploration of digital love to the loss of religion, this selection of short narratives presents a vibrant West African perspective on the human experience.

Beyond Nollywood
BEYOND NOLLYWOOD is a term coined by the Curator and Author Nadia Denton to describe new wave audio-visual content from Nigeria such as short films, art house, animation, documentary, experimental and music videos. BEYOND NOLLYWOOD is a concept, curated event and collective of filmmakers.

Peter Okojie

Peter is a Documentary maker based in Lagos, Nigeria. Over the course of his 8 year career he has made over 8 short films which include Fish on Fire, Te’la and Breaking Forth. His work has been featured at festivals which include Viva Film Festival and Lakecity Film Festival. His latest work My Kabukabu Life featured at the 2018 edition of the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF).