A GENDER (European Premiere)

A GENDER (European Premiere)

Saturday 31 October  | 14:30 | BFI Southbank, NFT2

Dir. Shua Taiwo. Nigeria. 2019. 5 mins.  

Can you hear my cries of oppression?

Part of the Story for the Gods Shorts programme
From an exploration of digital love to the loss of religion, this selection of short narratives presents a vibrant West African perspective on the human experience.

Beyond Nollywood
BEYOND NOLLYWOOD is a term coined by the Curator and Author Nadia Denton to describe new wave audio-visual content from Nigeria such as short films, art house, animation, documentary, experimental and music videos. BEYOND NOLLYWOOD is a concept, curated event and collective of filmmakers.

Shua Taiwo
Shua Taiwo is an experimental filmmaker based in Lagos, Nigeria. His approach to filmmaking is a revolution of the perspective, intent to consume the emotions of his audience through an unlayering of natural environments.  A distinctive construction of sound and colour creating immersive pieces that transcend a sense of time. He has travelled across the continent of Africa with great consideration imagining scenes that are reflective of the nuances of society, unearthing the layers before our eyes.