Part of the Baobab Award Shorts programme

Saturday 7 November  | 14:00 | Rich Mix


Dir. Carl Earl-Ocran (Papa-Kwesi)

Ghana, UK. 2020. 4 mins.

Akan, Twi, English with English subtitles

Described by the director as the ‘ethereal’ break up story, this short recasts folklore as a contemporary story, in which we see Anansi, the trickster spider god try to win back Ama, an Ashanti goddess, and his estranged ex.

Film Africa 2020 Baobab Award for Short Best Short Film

The Baobab Award for Best Short Film exists to recognise and support African filmmaking and to enhance the visibility of emerging new voices. The Award consists of a £1,000 cash prize awarded by a jury of filmmakers and industry professionals. 

Carl Earl-Ocran

Carl is a London-based British-Ghanaian writer and director. Under his middle name Papa-Kwesi, he has written and directed his most recent short film ‘Arachnid’; in aim is to tell emotive, character driven, socially conscious stories with compelling high concepts, highlighting, in particular, stories around the African diaspora.