Women, Entirely Women (Femmes, entièrement femmes) [DOC] | UK PREMIERE

Women, Entirely Women (Femmes, entièrement femmes) [DOC] | UK PREMIERE

Sat 1 Nov| 13:00 | Ritzy Brixton

Women, Entirely Women (Femmes, entièrement femmes) [DOC], UK PREMIERE

Dir. Dani Kouyaté and Philippe Baqué
Mali/France. 2014. 66min. Colour. French, Moré with English subtitles.

From now on, mutilated women have hope – created by a French urologist, surgical restoration of the clitoris has become possible. Burkina Faso is the first African country where this procedure has been given official support and made available. However, prevalent societal taboos still make it difficult for women to benefit from it. This intimate and illuminating documentary follows women in Burkina Faso and France who have decided to proceed with the surgery. Over the course of several years, they testify openly and passionately about their fight to become whole, to become “women entirely”. Their testimonies transform their individual struggle to a heart-breaking collective cry, begging the question: will the restoration of the clitoris one day become a recognised human right?

Followed by a panel discussion on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) with representatives from The Foundation for Women’s Health, Research and Development (FORWARD) (TBC)

Dir. Askia Traoré France. 2010. 25min. Colour. French with English subtitles.

It is a special day for Nola. It’s her first day of freedom after years in detention. A portrait of a woman whose world is falling apart.