They Are the Dogs (C’est eux les chiens) | LONDON PREMIERE

Wed 5 Nov| 20:30| Ritzy Brixton

They Are the Dogs (C’est eux les chiens), LONDON PREMIERE

Dir. Hicham Lasri
Morocco. 2013. 85min. Colour. Arabic with English subtitles.

Set in Morocco in the midst of the Arab Spring, They Are The Dogs follows a TV crew who discover an old man, Majhoul, secretly imprisoned during the country’s 1981 riots and recently released after 30 long years. Disorientated by the changes in society and wandering the streets in a daze, Majhoul befriends the TV crew and subtly leads them in his relentless quest to resolve his past. Hicham Lasri’s accomplished film has aptly been described as a “tragic, poetic fable in Casablanca past and present”. Characterised by a profound sense of aggressive discontent and laced with history and irony, the film walks the line between fiction and documentary, highlighting the manipulative nature of media, whether in the service of news or in the pursuit of one’s own truth.

+ El Bostan El Saeed Street,  EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Dir. Maysoon El Massry Egypt. 2014. 16min. Colour. Arabic with English subtitles

A Seventy year-old man returns to the street where he spent his childhood. Rowing a boat back home, Saied’s memories float around him as he passes many dilapidated buildings, looking out for the home of his beloved Narges. On encountering a postman dumping letters he’s failed to deliver, Saied walks with him, recounting the story of his life on El Bostan El Saeed Street. As he searches for fragments of his past, the old man becomes young once again.