Suns (Soleils) | LONDON PREMIERE

Sun 2 Nov| 20:30| Hackney Picturehouse


Dir. Olivier Delahaye & Dani Kouyaté
Burkina Faso/France. 2014. 96min. Colour. French with English subtitles.

An allegorical road-movie that transcends both space and time through a whimsical tracing of African history. Set against the backdrop of Burkina Faso’s stunning landscape, Soleils follows the adventures of Sotigui, a wise griot, who is entrusted with curing Dokamisa, a young girl struck by amnesia. Together they begin a healing journey that takes them through Africa’s rich history – from the Mandingo Empire of the 13th century through to the cells of Robben Island – meeting along the way the many ‘suns’ (icons) of African literature, folklore and politics. Through their quest, Sotigui and Dokamisa reveal the pride of the continent, reminding us of how much Africa has given the world.

+ DIALEMI (She’s Having Fun)
Dir. Nadine Ostsobogo Gabon. 2013. 21min. Colour. French with English subtitles.

In a house overlooking the sea, a sculptor lives alone surrounded by a universe of melancholy and solitude. He keeps attempting to shape a human face from stone. He chips away with his chisel seeking his inspiration, his abstract love – Dialemi. He is waiting for his muse. One afternoon, she appears. For a fleeting moment, life becomes sweeter. But she never stays long…