Fri 7 Nov| 18:30| Ritzy Brixton

Dir. Sana Na N’Hada
Bissagos Islands/Guinea-Bissau. 2013. 115min. Colour. Creole with English Subtitles.

Kadjike translates as the sacred place of initiation, where knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation. As if in the original paradise, the inhabitants of the Bissagos archipelago, located in the west coast of Africa, live according to ancient traditions and in absolute respect for nature, until a gang of drug dealers occupies their sacred islands. The medicine man dies and everything seems lost, until his young successor decides to fight the invaders to save his village.

+Fish of the Land (Samali Mchangani), EUROPEAN PREMIERE
Dir. Amil Shivji Tanzania. 2014. 30min. Colour. Swahili with English subtitles

On the auspicious day when Godfrey is launching his Tanzanian cellular company, he is involved in a car accident resulting in the death of a local fish seller. Haunted by his series of choices, our young and ambitious entrepreneur reveals more than one face of ‘Africa rising’. As land is snatched up by new companies and local people are left destitute, this short addresses the human cost of Africa’s burgeoning economic development.