Four Corners

Fri 7 Nov| 20:30| Hackney Picturehouse

Four Corners PREVIEW

Dir. Ian Gabriel

South Africa. 2013. 114min. Colour. Afrikaans, English with English subtitles.

A multi-thread coming-of-age drama set in a unique and volatile South African sub-culture. At times raw and violent, at other times touching and true, the four lives of Faraken, Leila, Tito and Gasant converge around Ricardo, a young man who’s promising future out of a world of violence is being threatened by the dangerous allure of gang culture. Weaving universal themes of love, loss, kinship, betrayal and redemption with authentically raw performances and deft direction, Four Corners is an intensely immersive viewing experience into an exceptional world.

Followed by a Q&A with director Ian Gabriel.

+ Six
Dir. Bahaa Elgamal Egypt. 2013. 18min. Colour. Arabic with English subtitles.

Visitors are due to arrive. With only the gramophone to break their stony silence, a couple get ready for their guests. While looking for her butterfly necklace, she instead finds a gun. This is where it all begins…


Screening as part of South Africa at 20: The Freedom Tour