Come Back, Africa

Sat 1 Nov|18:30| Ritzy Brixton

Come Back, Africa

Dir. Lionel Rogosin

South Africa. 1959. 95min. B&W. English, Afrikaans with English subtitles.

A jarring expose of a carefully concealed environment of injustice, Come Back Africa set out to capture the lives and haunting images of a people oppressed. Secretly filmed in the black township of Sophiatown, much of the script is improvised by non-professional actors who lived there. The result is an authentic representation of the times and lives of the film’s subjects – a potent truth. Come Back Africa is a rare filmic hybrid, both docu-fiction and a political film. Seen as potent anti-apartheid propaganda, its power and integrity was considered so dangerous that the film’s most memorable guest –Miriam Makeba – was to be exiled from South Africa for the next thirty years for her association.


Screening as part of South Africa at 20: The Freedom Tour