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Dir. Coréon Dú
Angola, Portugal, United States. 83 mins. Portuguese with English subtitle.

Africa is generally considered the ‘birthplace of humanity’, but could it also be the birthplace of style? Africans and their cultures are inspiring the aesthetic world today more than ever. From high fashion runways to the meccas of visual art, there is an undeniable presence of African influence and a growing number of African trendsetters. Bangaologia sets out to explore the raison d´être behind the recent growth of the African aesthetic, taking a voyage that spans from Angola to the US and Europe to discover how ‘banga’ has been inspiring so many in and out of Africa, and how it is bringing the world closer to the Motherland of style.

Followed by a Q&A with the director Coréon Dú.

Coréon Dú

Considered by Forbes as one of Africa’s 15 most influential young creatives, Coréon Dú has been nicknamed “Africa’s best kept secret” Coréon has become a top purveyor of contemporary African culture, creating initiatives such as the I Love Kuduro project, which spawned an international music festival and award winning documentary “I Love Kuduro – From Angola to the World”. Ever the trendsetter, his documentary directorial debut “Festa de Quintal – The Angolan Home Theatre” is still the focus of study by growing legions of Kizomba aficionados worldwide.

He is two-time International Emmy nominee for his work in fiction as the writer, producer, and creative director of telenovela series Windeck (2013) and Jikulumessu (2015). His latest productions, including Jikulumessu and historical film Njinga – Queen of Angola (2014), are building critical acclaim and conquering audiences across the globe, bringing in awards such as the 2014 International Movie Awards (Indonesia), the 2015 Seoul International Drama Award (South Korea), and the 2015 African Movie Academy Awards (South Africa).