AFRICA: A Voyage of Discovery – Episode 8: ‘Legacy’ [DOC] (FREE)

Wed 5 Nov | 19:00 | Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS – register here.

AFRICA: A Voyage of DiscoveryEpisode 7: ‘The Rise of Nationalism’ [DOC] (FREE)
By Basil Davidson
UK. 1984. 60min. Colour. English.

This is the penultimate episode in the multi-award winning 8 x 1-hour series AFRICA: A Voyage of Discovery written & presented by Basil Davidson. It was first broadcast in the UK in 1984 on Channel 4 television, exactly 30 years ago. In this episode, Basil Davidson looks at the major independence struggles across the African continent, opening with the revered Ghanaian nationalist leader Kwame Nkrumah and outlining how Ghana became the first African country to achieve independence from Britain in 1957. The film goes on to chart the independence struggles in Kenya, Algeria, the tragedy of the Belgian Congo, and the armed struggles of the former Portuguese colonies. Basil Davidson explores the situation in Guinea Bissau, where Amilcar Cabral proved to be an outstanding guerrilla leader, and in Mozambique, he talks to Samora Machel, the military leader in Frelimo’s long battle for independence. Finally, Davidson focuses on Zimbabwe and the collapse of white minority rule before turning to South Africa to question how long it will be before this final bastion of white rule falls.

Screening organised in collaboration with the Centre of African Studies. Followed by a panel discussion with Mick Csaky, Executive Producer of the series, and Gus Casely-Hayford, Cultural Historian and Research Associate at the Centre of African Studies.