ADY GASY: The Malagasy Way [DOC] | UK PREMIERE

Sun 2 Nov| 18:30| Hackney Picturehouse

Dir. Lova Nantenaina
France/Madagascar. 2014. 84min. Colour. Malagasy, French with English subtitles.

Boldly imagining a world where we don’t look to academics and policy experts for answers on how to survive an economic crisis, Ady Gasy follows artists, farmers and craftsmen as the wise voices building a new society. This poetic documentary welcomes you to the Malagasy way of life; a mix of inventiveness and artistic ingenuity where proverbs decorate speech; where from used cans, maracas and oil lamps are made, and with zebu bones from the dump, soap and medication are created. Welcome to a world where despite the daily adversity and struggles, music, joie de vivre, fraternal support and, above all, a sense of creative recycling thrives.

Followed by a Q&A with director Lova Nantenaina.

+ The Third Hand (La Troisieme Main)UK PREMIERE
Dir. Hicham Elladdaqi Morocco/Qatar. 2014. 16min. Colour. Arabic with English subtitles.

Zineb has just passed her baccalaureate. Like all her fellow peers, she wants to study in the city. However her parents don’t even have enough to pay the electricity bill.