100% Dakar – More Than Art [DOC] | UK PREMIERE [DOUBLE BILL]

Tues 4 Nov| 18:30| Hackney Picturehouse

100% Dakar – More Than Art [DOC], UK PREMIERE

Dir. Sandra Krampelhuber
Austria/Senegal. 2014. 62min. Colour. French with English subtitles.

 A vibrant portrait of one of West Africa’s most lively creative arts scenes, 100% Dakar – More Than Art follows the young artists who see themselves as change agents for their generation. Featuring fashion designers, Hip Hop musicians, graffiti artists, a photographer, an art blogger, dancers and many other cultural entrepreneurs, this exuberant documentary reveals a burgeoning community who stand for a passionate, collective and creative fight against all economic and political burdens in the name of unity – “l’union fait la force”.

Followed by a Q&A with director Sandra Krampelhuber.

+ Under The Starry Sky [DOUBLE BILL]

Dir. Dyana Gaye, with Ralph Amoussou, Marème Demba Ly, Souleymane Seye Ndiaye
France/Senegal, 2013, French/English Subtitles, 88min, Colour, DCP

Dyanan gaye’s debut feature is a textured exploration of African Diaspora and the fragile hopes of those looking for a new life or revisiting an old one. The three finely crafted narrative arcs of Sophie, Abdoulaye and Thierno become entwined as they make their way between Turin, Dakar and New York. From initial strife and disillusionment to decisive decisions and actions, all three struggle to take hold of their futures, stake a place in life and find their personal freedom. Under the Starry Sky is a rich emotional tapestry of both joy and heartbreak.