The Baobab Award for Best Short Film exists to recognise and support African filmmaking and to enhance the visibility of emerging new voices. The Award consists of a £1,000 cash prize awarded by a jury of filmmakers and industry professionals.

The Baobab Award is log listed in partnership with the National Film & Television’s MA in Film Studies, Programming & Curation, with the objective of encouraging an appreciation and knowledge of African cinema in the next generation of film programmers.

The winning film will be announced and screened at the Film Africa Closing Gala.

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Dir. teeqs
Jamaica. 2018. 7 mins. English

A (very) mini web series, set in Kingston Jamaica that follows the various adult-ing misadventures of its beleaguered protagonist, Renee Patience. With stand out leading debut performance from Singer/Songwriter Sevana, Teeqs and her heroine take on the everyday announces of modern life.

VAGABONDS European Premiere
Dir. Amartei Armar
Ghana, USA. 2018. 15 mins. Twi with English subtitles.

Owusu and his younger brother Gyasi have an unbreakable bond. Trapped within an orphanage doubling up and a children factory their lives are turned upside down when Gyasi is selected by an American family forcing Owusu to make a decision to protect them at all costs.

Dir. Eddie
Uganda. 2018. 8 mins. English.
Is this the end or the beginning of a time? A man tries to escape parallels of time and is confronted by the past and the future. Stuck in the corridors of his mind his identity is challenged and he desires desperately to return to his former state.

Dir. Marie Clementine Dusabejambo
Rwanda. 2018. 16 mins. Kinyarwanda with English subtitles.

Fils is a twelve-year-old boy who loves football and desperately wants to join the neighbourhood boys’ team. However, his effeminate characteristics disqualify from the team. Icyasha depicts a child forced to prove and claim masculinity while simultaneously illustrating the beauty and pain of childhood.

Dir. Candice Onyeama
Nigeria, UK. 2017. 14 mins. English and Igbo with English subtitles.

A young British Nigerian woman struggles to find a decent job. As her situation worsens she decides to change her ‘ethnic’ sounding name to an English one to improve her employability. After sidestepping the intrinsic relationship between her name and her identity she is visited by a mysterious old lady.

Dir. Mahmoud Samir & Youssef Mahmoud
Egypt. 2017. 14 mins. Arabic with English Subtitles.

When Nancy suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, her only chance of survival lies in the hands of her oblivious five years old son Asser.

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