When They Slept

Eight year-old Sara lives with her mother, two brothers and her grandfather, Hashem. When Hashem suddenly dies, as women, Sara and her mother are forbidden to spend the night with him before his burial. Whilst her mother reluctantly complies, Sara defies tradition. 

After studying in London, Tangier born Maryam Touzani moved back to Morocco and worked as a journalist, specialising in cinema. Soon, the necessity to express herself through her own films emerged. When They Slept won many awards at prestigious festivals around the world, including the 2013 Baobab Award. Her second short, Aya Goes to the Beach, was shortlisted for the 2016 Baobab Award.

Fiction Shorts

Directed by: Maryam Touzani


Released: 2013




Language(s): Arabic with English subtitles

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