2020 Winner

2020 –  For Maria Ebun Pataki | Dir. Damilola Orimogunje | Nigeria, 2020 | 75 mins

After a complicated child delivery, Derin finds herself at odds with life and loved ones, including her newborn, Maria. Her bewildered mother-in-law insists that she is not a good enough parent. Her increasingly worried husband Afolabi watches from the sidelines. Made in a compelling art-house style, For Maria Ebun Pataki confronts the realities of postpartum depression.

Damilola Orimogunje is a Nigerian screenwriter and film director whose works have screened in over 40 film festivals. His films have majorly been surrounded around themes as Love, Betrayal, Depression, and Death. He sees himself as part of a new generation of filmmakers making visually compelling and unconventional African content for social change.

2018 Winner

2018 – Supa Moda | Dir. Likarion Wainaina | Kenya, Germany. 2018. 74 mins. English, Kikuyu and Swahili with English Subs.

Disguised as a superhero adventure, first time director Wainaina’s deeply emotional family tale follows a young heroine Jo. 9 years old and terminally ill, Jo draws strength from her alter-ego Supa Modo to remind us of how imagination, movies and comic books can inspire hope where there is none, and help us heal.






2017 Winner

Call Me Thief | Dir. Daryne Joshua | South Africa, 2016 | 124 mins | Afrikaans with English subtitles.

Daryne Joshua’s impressive debut is a portrait of life on the mean streets of 1960s Cape Town and is as much a paean to the human need for stories – and storytellers – as it is a realistic portrait of youth gang culture. Barely in their teens, Abraham and his three friends form a gang, more out of self-preservation than malice. As they grow up, their harmless antics inevitably evolve into petty crimes, and soon Abraham is in prison. It is there that his gift for telling stories protects him from the worst that prison life has to offer. Now that he’s out he wants to become a writer, but will his gang friends and society give him a chance?

2016 Winner

2016 – Children of the MountainDir. Priscilla Anany | Ghana, USA | 101 mins

When her baby is born with disabilities, Essuman is told that she has a ‘dirty womb’. Her partner swiftly leaves, shattering her plans for family life and a good place in rural Ghanaian society. Community superstition grows, with whispers of the child’s deformities being the work of the devil. When Essuman can’t find a cure, her desperation mounts, testing her motherly love. Beautifully shot with a stunning central performance from Rukiyat Masud, Priscilla Anany’s debut is a powerful yet subtle story of female empowerment. 

2015 Winner

 Stories of our Lives
2015 – Stories of Our LivesDir. Jim Chuchu | Kenya | 60 mins

This collection of shorts began as an archival project by the Nairobi-based multi-disciplinary Nest Collective, and the testimonies given have been tenderly wrought into funny, endearing – and at times heartbreaking – sketches about the queer experience in Kenya. The quality and imagination on show transcends the predictable but nevertheless disappointing response from the Kenyan Government, who banned it on the grounds of promoting homosexuality. 

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